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Doc tells woman her 24-pound tumor is a pregnancy

One of the many benefits of using ultrasound: It helps doctors tell the difference between a fetus and cancer. A Barcelona woman is suing the hospital that wrongly informed her she was pregnant and in her third trimester. What she was actually carrying in her uterus was a 24-pound cancerous tumor.

The woman (who was not named by local reporters) said she was in intense pain when she went to the hospital. But she claims doctors there belittled her, making jokes about why she hadn’t used birth control. They said she was pregnant and having a panic attack and sent her home.

After taking two pregnancy tests which came back negative, she returned to the hospital and insisted on a more thorough exam.

An ultrasound revealed the truth of the matter, and the patient is now receiving chemotherapy.

Score another point for patients who are willing to advocate for themselves when their complaints aren’t taken seriously.


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