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Doc snooped in estranged wife’s medical records


Divorces can be ugly. Going through your soon-to-be ex-wife’s medical records is uglier.

That’s the allegation against Dr. Mark Schleiss, a pediatric infectious disease researcher at the University of Minnesota.

According to his estranged family, Schleiss accessed their medical records. Among other things, Schleiss (who no longer lived with the family) showed up uninvited to his daughter’s medical appointment even though he hadn’t been told about it. He also monitored the frequency of his wife’s visits to a therapist.

The state medical board investigated, but did not punish the doctor. His family claims his position and connections at the University are shielding him from more severe sanctions.

Collett Schleiss, now his ex-wife, said she was informed by the University that her husband had accessed the family’s records improperly, and that his access to medical records would be “monitored” for the next six months.

Schleiss declined to talk to local reporters about the case unless his wife waived her right to medical privacy.

  • Lola Finch

    Another instance of if you have enough money or power, you can flaunt the law.

  • http://Healthexecnews Debi

    Thank goodness this is not the policy of the healthcare institution in which I work. If you access and you don’t have a medical need to know, then you loose your job. In the state of California Patient Rights are spelled out in plain english and I hope everyone holds their employees accountable as per the Law.

  • Sharon

    Everywhere has the rules…it’s HIPPA…I have to agree with Lola on this one. The registrar or file clerk would be fired everywhere, a physician however will not lose their position. Lucky I’m not his x-wife! I would press it to the full extent of the law.

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