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Doc claims outdated equipment led to wrongly diagnosing a miscarriage

What’s the worst that could happen from using old equipment? Well, for starters, it might mean telling someone she miscarried when she hadn’t. 

That’s what appears to have happened at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Dogheda, Ireland.

Melissa Redmond, a mother of two who had already suffered four miscarriages, went for a routine ultrasound when she was eight weeks pregnant — feeling much as she had during her two successful pregnancies. The doctor told her the fetus had died and scheduled her for a D&C.

Fortunately for the Redmond family, Melissa trusted her gut instinct and scheduled a second ultrasound with another doctor before the D&C. The second doctor immediately saw the baby’s heart beating.

(The pregnancy progressed uneventfully, and Michael Jr. was born earlier this year.)

The Redmonds complained to the hospital, which blamed outdated equipment for the mistake. The hospital said it has made several changes to ensure a similar mistake isn’t made again, including buying a newer ultrasound machine.

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