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Did medic use victim’s severed foot to train her dog?

A Florida firefighter and emergency worker has been accused of taking a car accident victim’s severed foot home with her.  It’s a whole new take on the “dog bites man” story: According to an attorney for Karl Lambert, of Melbourne, Florida, his leg was severed at the scene of a car accident in Port St. Lucie. While he was sent to a local hospital, his leg was left behind. Normal procedure is for any severed body part to be transported with the patient, to give the doctors a chance to reattach it.

A few days later, a highway patrol officer handing the accident informed Lambert that his foot had been taken from the scene by one of the responding firefighters. (According to the Port St. Lucie fire chief, only the foot was taken by the firefighter. No word yet on what happened to the remainder of the limb.)

One of the town’s firefighters, Cindy Economu, has been identified as the alleged foot thief by local news outlets. Economu trains cadaver-sniffing dogs for search and rescue missions. Allegedly, Economu brought the foot to the fire house and then gave it to a family member to bring to her home for future use in training the dogs.

Economu is still on duty, pending an internal investigation into the incident. Lambert says he’s considering a lawsuit.

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