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Telemedicine: Sharing records securely & quickly is vital during COVID-19 pandemic

Never have telehealth services been more vital than during the coronavirus pandemic. In this guest post, Lawrence Kaelin, MD, Chief Medical Officer/Founder of a provider of health information exchange services, explains why telehealth is so important in today’s healthcare system. 

Telehealth has been a game changer and one of the positives that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s likely to stay. The integration of technology and health care allows patients to access healthcare services remotely – making health care more available and convenient for many people. Telehealth patient portals can provide a single point of communication for primary providers and specialists, and portals can serve as a collection of patient personal health records.

Amid the current health crisis, there has never been more incentive to provide the entire healthcare system with easy access and seamless communication. Working from home can be done, but the key is providing the right, and secure, technology setup.

Electronic health information exchange systems allow providers to access and share patients’ medical information online and in real time. Doctors and staff working remotely can view electronic health records (EHR), and send and receive information securely.

Cloud-based exchange systems can be the bridge that helps healthcare providers transition their communications in the fastest, simplest way. These systems eliminate the need for fax by digitizing communications, so providers and their staff can communicate effortless wherever they are.

They also facilitate seamless communication between different types of EHR systems, allowing providers to receive and access information quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

This technology also allows patient records from any source to be uploaded and aggregated into a secure, patient-specific portal. The system fully integrates patient information into the secure platform.

Patient referrals can be received and sent remotely and providers can search and track records across geographic locations and EHR systems. Primary care physicians are able to refer their patients to specialists offering telehealth via the portal, which supports the industry’s efforts to reduce in-person visits.

In a time of high-risk co-morbidities, it’s more important than ever that medical teams can access a patient’s comprehensive community health record.

Doctors, hospitals and labs need to be able to communicate life-saving information with each other and with their staff through a quick, comprehensive and secure platform.

The pandemic makes secure communication and access to medical records more important than ever to treat patients from anywhere. By making quality health care more accessible through telehealth, we have the opportunity to provide coordinated care for our communities.

Lawrence Kaelin, MD, is the Chief Medical Officer/Founder of HIE Networks, a provider of health information exchange services.

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