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Survey results: Compensation levels for medical directors

The 2011 Medical Director Survey provides the latest data on what other hospitals are paying medical directors and physicians with administrative positions. The survey is conducted by the Physician Services practice of compensation and human resources consulting form Integrated Health Strategies. The survey analyzes compensation, employment status, bonuses and hourly rates. Among this year’s findings:

• Most organizations (82.3%) reported that all of their medical directors have contracts. Of those contracts, the majority, (72.9%) are for just one year — the fourth year in a row that number has increased.

• Wages are 3.9% higher on average for independently contracted medical directors to account for foregone taxes, benefits and insurance payments.

• The number of organizations offering performance bonuses to medical directors was up 4.3percentage points from 2010, to 26.9%.

Median hourly rates increased by an average 3.0% from 2010 to 2011.

The data is intended to help health care organizations make compensation decisions and learn more about current market trends. For more detail, visit IHS’ survey page.


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