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Chronic disease programs may save more than thought

A new study sheds new light on the benefits of chronic disease management. And it could have important consequences for the current debate over health care reform.

According to the study, “Using Clinical Information To Project Federal Health Care Spending” published by Health Affairs, properly designed prevention and treatment programs are more cost-effective than current measurement models project.

The reason: The Congressional Budget Office uses a 10-year budget model to assess the effectiveness of interventions. But because of the long-term time frame in managing chronic diseases like diabetes, the study’s authors say current CBO models underestimate the true financial impact of those programs.While this study focused on programs for managing diabetes, it’s expected that other chronic diseases would have similar long-term impact.

The authors of the study recommend the CBO move to a 25-year cost projection model when evaluating plans for long-term health programs.

The study was funded by the National Changing Diabetes Program at Norvo Nordisk.

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