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Nursing Management Degrees

The best Nursing Management degrees and programs do more than merely educate professionals wishing to advance their career in this competitive area. They prepare health care professionals to excel and achieve success beyond their peers in real-world settings like hospital networks and systems, emergency and trauma departments, and more.

It is common for Registered Nurses to seek administrative and management roles within their fields, and often, a professional or master’s degree is required to be prepared and qualified for this position. To be on the “best” list, degrees in nursing administration or management need to offer sound business training and expertise to supplement their medical degree, as students will be expected to design, develop and lead systems consistent with health care quality standards.

We’ve done the legwork to find the very best Nursing Management degrees and have compiled our findings in the list below.

1. California University of Pennsylvania – Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Administration and Leadership
nursing management degreesThis web-based program extends over 20 consecutive months, with two courses offered consecutively in 8-week periods each fall and spring semester, and in 6-week summer sessions for the first summer of study.  The study and work done to earn this nursing management degree prepares advanced practitioners in nursing administration and leadership with a full understanding of and beginning competence in nursing research. Students finish up their degree requirements by completing a 135-hour practicum during the second summer session, with at least 90 hours in the practicum setting, working side-by-side with the preceptor. This real-world experience in nursing administration allows students to work with an experienced professional in their specialized area of interest and to gain hands-on experience and knowledge they can apply directly to their careers. Students must take responsibility for initiating the contact with a nurse administrator preceptor to get started, and are encouraged to be in contact with other professionals in this industry during their study. Not only do students walk away with a Master’s degree after completion of this program, but they will also have built up a strong foundation for doctoral study in nursing if they choose to continue their education.

2. Post University-Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Management for Registered Nurses
nursing management degreesThis degree from Post University prepares Registered Nurses for advanced administrative or management positions in health care. Nurses graduate from the program prepared to take on professional roles that require skills in decision making, communications, quantitative and analytical reasoning, critical-thinking, and leadership. As working professionals, students will have the opportunity to earn a reputable, accredited degree while studying at their own pace and without putting the brakes on their career. This is a huge plus for those looking to advance in their careers without having to take any time off. 120 credit hours are required to complete this degree program, but up to 60 credits can be accepted from previous degree or diploma programs, making it a great option for transfer students.

3. Walden University – Master of Science in Nursing RN Track, Leadership and Management
nursing management degreesThe MSN program at Walden University promises that students will gain the knowledge, skills and influence to affect more lives and make an even bigger difference for their patients, their organization and the overall state of health care. With curriculum designed around the standards set by the industry’s education associations, students will gain a deep understanding of the work and skills needed while working as a nurse administrator or manager. Applicants to the program must have graduated from an associates or diploma nursing program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, hold an active RN license, be currently employed as an RN in a nursing/health care setting or have practiced nursing within the last 2 years. Students must fulfill general education requirements before they are admitted to the program.

4. Drexel University Online- MSN in Nursing Leadership in Health Systems Management
nursing management degreesThis online degree from Drexel University prepares nurses for supervisory and management responsibilities while building the necessary skills for careers in health care leadership. Students have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge needed to become leading nursing managers and administrators, and the curriculum has been recently redesigned with a new focus on information systems management and evidence-based decision making for the nurse administrator. The specialized courses in this program teach nurses how to resolve conflicts, solve problems, and make important decisions without taking up important time. The core of the program focuses on the development of leadership skills and knowledge in important areas such as fiscal management, legal and ethical issues, strategic planning, organizational structure and marketing in the health care field. All applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Nursing from an NLN-accredited program, a GPA of at least 3.0, and a copy of their RN license.

5. Western Governors University – M.S. in Nursing, Leadership and Management
nursing management degreesThis Master’s program made the list because it is largely self-paced and flexible, making it an ideal program for Registered Nurses who have a bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) and a current RN license, and wish to develop a career in nursing administration. The curriculum of this program incorporates the highest skill levels of the competencies set up by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for nurse administrator certification, and focuses on 11 domains of study in areas like policy, role development, organization and financing, research, advanced nursing practices, and nurse education. At the end of the program, students must complete a capstone project and a 40-hour practicum requirement in nursing management to earn their degree. This provides a great learning opportunity for students enrolled in the program to apply to their professional practices after graduation.

6. American Sentinel University – Master of Science Nursing, Management and Organizational Leadership Specialization
nursing management degreesThe program at this University is specially designed for experienced professionals seeking to develop their nursing leadership skills into a management or administrative role. The coursework at this University prepares its students for high-ranking careers in nursing where they will manage health resources, collaborate with a variety of other professionals and apply technology, information systems and critical thinking skills to their jobs. Students are required to complete 36 credit hours of course work, but they may be eligible to transfer up to 18 credit hours from previous graduate study, making it easy for transfer students to receive their degree without losing any time or money.

7. Grand Canyon University – MBA and MS in Nursing, Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems (dual degree)
nursing management degreesThis unique dual-degree program at Grand Canyon University provides students with a great opportunity to develop cross-functional business management skills in a health care setting. The combined coursework helps business practitioners prepare for advanced management and executive positions in the health care field, while substantially boosting their educational credentials. The core curriculum, combined with specialized study in leadership theory and application, combines core business courses in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management and leadership with a special focus on nursing roles and practice, ethics, and health care research within the health care system. Before students complete a their degree, they have a capstone course which provides an opportunity to develop an evidence-based project proposals addressing a problem or issue in professional practice, preparing them for situations they will likely face in their careers.

8. Lewis University – Master of Science in Nursing, Nursing Administration
nursing management degreesThe Lewis University program is unique because it integrates the Catholic and Lasallian values of Lewis University into its health care curriculum. With courses like “The Business of Health Care” and “Human Resource Management in Health Care”, students will be learning management and business skills that are vital in developing their professionalism in the health care world. They will learn by studying effective communication systems and other processes that health care professionals encounter on a daily basis. To complete this degree, 42 semester credit hours are required to be completed, preparing its graduates for an advanced position in Nursing.

9. Kaplan University – M.S. in Nursing, Nurse Administrator
nursing management degreesKaplan University offers a lot of advanced degrees for working professionals, but this online master’s program allows students to prepare for career advancement in administrative, informatics, faculty, or staff development roles without interrupting their career. This course focuses on real-world skill building and all of the courses are designed with this idea in mind.  Before graduation, students will complete a practicum to help bridge the classroom content to the practice setting, while working closely with a mentor in a selected health care setting. Students can concentrate on specializations including nurse administrator, nurse educator, and informatics to focus on the principles of personnel management, policy development and implementation, budgeting, and the use of information technology in advanced nursing roles. This is a well-rounded program that offers many different tracks and courses that future nurse administrators can apply to their desired careers.

10. Grantham University – Master of Science Nursing, Nursing Management & Organizational Leadership
nursing management degreesThis degree prepares professional Registered Nurses with increased knowledge and clinical practices that build on baccalaureate nursing education. At Grantham University, applications are only being excepted from past or present military personnel and their families with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and a valid RN license. Knowledge and clinical expertise will be developed through coursework in areas of leadership and management, human diversity and social issues, health promotion and disease prevention, and research and professional practice. These topics are all related to current trends in today’s global society as well as in the ever-changing health care industry, making this University a great choice for those qualified to pursue this degree.