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Healthcare Management Degrees

Healthcare Management Degrees are key to advancing your career in this growing and competitive field. With hundreds of programs to choose from, the process of selecting a specific college or university can be challenging, so we’ve done the research and compiled the best degrees in Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration.

In order to make it here on the “best” list, these online degree and certification programs had to have the right mix of solid business and health coursework, experiences that can prepare students to move up in their career fields, and the flexibility for scheduling and completing the degree.

Here are some of the top performing Healthcare Management degrees.

1. Saint Joseph’s University – M.S. Health Administration
Saint Joseph’s University offers a reputable online Master of Science degree in Health Administration with specializations in two unique areas: Health Care Ethics and Health Care Informatics. The program is designed specifically for health care professionals who want to advance their career in the health field, specifically in management and administrative areas, and the coursework is designed to provide the best education for those pursuing advanced careers. Coursework in a variety of fields provide technical and behavioral skills to encompass business, ethics and technology applied to a health administration environment. Graduating students of Saint Joseph’s program in Health Administration will be ready for leadership in a variety of private and government health organizations, agencies and hospitals.

2. American Intercontinental University – B.B.A. in Health Care Management
AIU Online offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Health Care Management to students seeking a real-world education positioned around the highly growing health care field. Students will study about and gain deep knowledge about the business world and supplement their education with courses covering critical topics in the health care field. Coursework in law and ethics cover a wide variety of health care topics, which help prepare them to deal with general legal and practical problems facing patients and their families, doctors, and care givers within the field of health. After studying at AIU, graduates will be ready to pursue careers in hospitals, health insurance companies, medical practice organizations, long-term care facilities, consulting firms, managed care organizations, and even pharmaceutical companies. For degree seekers or those already working in the field and are looking to enhance their current career opportunities, AIU’s degree can prepare them for an exciting transition into this field and prepare them to move up in their career.

3. Quinnipiac University Master’s of Business Administration
This online program at Quinnipiac University includes critically important business courses in conjunction with classes providing a thorough understanding of health care practices and administration. This mix of coursework was specially designed in order to develop important professional skills required for entry level and mid-career administrators. Entry requirements for this MBA program are a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution along with a 3.0 GPA. Graduates will be prepared to work in a variety of areas within the industry, like government agencies, hospitals, diagnostic facilities, physician practices, health centers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and more.

4. Colorado Technical University – B.S.B.A. Health Care Management
Colorado Tech Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree with a concentration in Health Care Management to students looking to develop their business skills within the world of health care. Courses in business, management, finance, and even in human resource skills are requirements for all students, as the skills learned in these courses are some of the most essential to succeed in the ever-changing health care industry. Students can earn their degree after seventeen months of study, along with earning six CTU Academic Certifications without any additional coursework or added tuition costs. The combination of a great degree along with the CTU Academic Certifications make this program a great option for those pursing a career in health care management.

5. Kaplan University – M.P.A. in  Health Care Management
Kaplan University offers courses for a Master of Public Administration degree in Health Care Management online, so students have the freedom to continue working while pursuing their degree. The core courses teach students how to evaluate, manage and implement health care policy over a wide range of areas including budgeting and the administration of public funds, strategic funds allocation, ethics and leadership in health, and applied research. The flexibility in the courses allows students to pursue a general Master of Public Administration or to focus on an intensive study area in health care management, governmental management, or criminal justice. This Master’s degree can also be earned as part of an accelerated B.S./M.P.A. track, where undergraduate students of Health Sciences, Health Wellness or Nutrition Science can also earn an M.P.A. The accelerated track option as well as the stand-alone program make this a great option for many students looking to take their health care careers to the next level.

6. Capella University – M.B.A. Health Care Management
Capella’s Master of Business Administration in Health Care Management is specially designed for business professionals who want to work in the health care field. The online program is designed to strengthen the management and business skills students need to function effectively within this growing industry. The program provides students with relevant courses through the study of health care strategic and financial management, health care policy analysis, and legal and ethical considerations. Most students in Capella University’s program are pursuing mid-level management or executive positions in the health care industry or in organizations working directly with the health care industry, so applicants to this program would probably want to have some professional or applied experience prior to their studies at Capella.

7. Jones International University -B.B.A./M.B.A. in Health Care Management
This unique, online, four-year accelerated bachelors-to-masters degree program gives graduates a bachelor’s and master’s degree at the point of completion. Students will spend a little over three years working towards their bachelor’s in business administration, and another eight months on their master’s in business administration, leaving graduates with an incredibly valuable educational background and degrees. The ideal combination of a comprehensive business education along with real-world, health care focused applications prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities after school. Courses in management, emerging technologies and strategies, telemedicine, leadership in mixed-profession health care teams and strategic management get students ready to start a successful career in the industry.

8. Ashford University – B.A. Health Care Administration
Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Care Administration from Ashford University can personalize their degree if they have transfer credits from another institution, with the option to transfer in up to 12 credits of previous coursework. With a basic understanding of health care delivery systems and services and the factors that impact the health care environment, students will also take courses in medical ethics and law, presenting them with a well-rounded degree. Candidates should be at least 22 years old and have some prior work experience within the health care field to be admitted into the program so that they can directly relate what they are learning to the problems and challenges faced in the industry.

9. Walden University -B.S. Health Care Management>
Walden University’s online program for a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management focuses on issues like patterns of disease and injury, assessment of global health issues, and application of health care management concepts and theories. Graduates can prepare for a career in retirement communities, hospitals, ambulatory care centers, clinics, rehabilitation and long-term–care facilities, and home health care settings. Requirements for entry include some applicable college credits and the students must be at least 21 years old. Walden University’s degree is a great stepping stone into the professional work of health care management, and its solid education prepares students for a successful career after graduation.

10.  LA College Online – A.A. in Health Care Administration
This 16-month online program teaches students about topics within health care administration and offers students a general introduction to a wide array of health care concepts. This Associate Arts degree teaches basic computer operations and applications, basic health care studies, and also includes a general education component. Students can expect coursework in computers and computer applications, data base management systems, medical terminology and medical records, health care communications, health insurance, critical thinking and success strategies in health care, and much more.  60 semester units are required to complete this degree program, all of which combine to provide a great start to head into an entry-level position within the health care field.