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Baltimore gets new state-of-the-art facility

When the new $1.1 billion Johns Hopkins Hospital opens its doors to the public on May 1, it will offer a new standard of care.

The 1.6 million square-foot medical complex, which covers five acres, includes 560 “all-private” patient rooms; 33  state-of-the-art operating rooms; and two emergency departments – adult and pediatric.

Other amenities offered at the new facility include:

  • private bath and sleep sofa for families in each patient room
  • an interactive television network with Internet, movies, games, way-finding apps and clinical team updates
  • workstations between every two patient rooms to enable nurses to stay close to patient beds
  • expanded food-ordering from its 30,000-square-foot kitchen stocked with modern equipment
  • food market/garden bistro
  • “healing gardens”
  • resource library for patients and visitors, and
  • valet parking.

Two towers

But what’s really amazing at this new facility is how the two patient towers were designed to provide streamlined, state-of-the-art patient care, while being patient- and visitor-friendly.

The Sheikh Zayed Tower will house Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute, which will offer a full range of cardiovascular services, as well as advanced neurological and neurosurgical services, transplant surgery, trauma care, orthopedic, general surgery, and labor and delivery.

In the tower, medical and surgical specialists will work in hybrid procedure/operating rooms to provide seamless and safe care. For example, one of the rooms will be for procedures such as minimally invasive aortic valve replacement, and combination stenting and bypass surgery.

The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center has 10 surgical suites designed exclusively for pediatric patients and 205 rooms, which include a 45-bed neonatal intensive care unit and a 40-bed pediatric intensive care unit. In addition, there are sleeping accommodations in patient rooms, as well as a kitchen and laundry facilities on pediatric floors. This allows parents to stay with their children in the hospital and take an active role in their care.

The children’s tower also has a two-story playroom with a basketball court and a TV studio with a giant movie screen to make children’s stays more pleasant.

Ultimate care

Not only is the new Hopkins hospital focused on making patients comfortable and their hospital stay as enjoyable as possible, it will provide state-of-the-art care with the latest 3-D navigational imaging system. This system is like a surgical GPS, allowing surgeons to navigate through complex brain structures during delicate procedures, knowing exactly where they are in the brain in real time.

In addition, all radiation-based imaging equipment uses the latest techniques to minimize the applied radiation dose and speed up scans. The high-speed, sensitive scanners eliminate the need for sedation in most young children who fidget during a scan.

Powerful intra-operative MR scanners are suspended from the neurosurgery operating room ceilings on rails so they can slide between rooms allowing a patient’s brain to be scanned immediately after the removal of a tumor so the surgeon knows if more tissue needs to be removed.

Operating rooms are also outfitted with large flat-screen monitors and an audio-visual integration system that allows seamless interaction between radiology and surgery, allowing surgeons to access past MRIs or X-rays without leaving the OR.

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