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Sam Narisi

Sam NarisiSam began his newspaper career with the Daily Local News in West Chester, PA, writing feature stories and profiles of local personalities.
After joining Progressive Business Publications (the parent company of PBP Media and Healthcare Business & Technology), he moved into the niche information publishing market. He has covered the Information Technology field for the past six years, starting as a contributor to Information Technology Advisor, a print newsletter for IT professionals, and editor of the online publication IT Manager Daily, before joining the staff of Healthcare Business & Technology when the site launched in 2013.
In addition, Sam has written white papers covering technology topics such as mobile devices in health care, VoIP, IT outsourcing and virtualization.
He graduated summa cum laude from St. Josephs University in Philadelphia with a bachelor’s degree in English and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
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Report names health IT’s biggest hazards for providers

The ECRI Institute recently published a report detailing the top 10 health IT hazards providers and patients are facing right now. Topping the list: 

Hospital sees more deaths, longer stays after telehealth program

Many healthcare providers have been adopting telehealth programs with great results for both the organization and its patients. But that doesn’t mean all hospitals are having the same experience. 

2 keys for hospital websites that reach patients

Hospitals that want to attract new patients will need to pay more attention to their websites, as that’s increasingly becoming the way people find healthcare providers. Here are two rules hospitals should keep in mind, according to research from one marketing agency. 

Doctors prefer traditional communication over technology

Despite the vast number of new tech products aimed at making communication easier, doctors still prefer talking to patients the old-fashioned way. 

The basic practice that could have prevented 2 big HIPAA breaches

More than 730,000 patients recently had their personal information compromised by criminals in two separate incidents targeting hospitals. They both could have been avoided if those organizations had followed a single basic procedure: 

Love or hate EHRs? For doctors, the answer is both

Most healthcare providers are using electronic records or will do so in the near future. Do doctors like working with EHR systems? The answer is complicated, according to a recent report.

5 lessons learned from the failure of the federal exchange launch

By now, most people are aware that the initial launch of the federal government’s health insurance exchange website was a disaster. What exactly went wrong with the site — and what can hospitals learn from it as they work on their own IT projects?

ICD-10 deadline less than a year away: 3 steps to take now

With less than a year remaining before the deadline to switch to ICD-10 codes, more than half of providers still haven’t started working on the transition. 

Most doctors monitor their online reviews, survey says

While many physicians think it doesn’t matter what’s being said about them online, patients are increasingly relying on online doctor reviews to make decisions about their care. Is your organization doing anything to manage doctors’ online reputations? 

Can you trust business partners with your patient data?

In addition to privacy breaches caused by malicious employees, healthcare providers can also be susceptible to incidents related to employees of third-party business partners that are given access to sensitive data.