Healthcare News & Insights

Online appointments ease grueling ER wait times

Wait times in emergency rooms (ER) can be sickening. Patients are bound to feel worse when they have to endure those interminable waits in an over-crowded emergency department. 

Docs jockey for high HCAHPS scores by overtreating patients

When it comes to keeping patients happy, the mandate for some doctors is simple: never deny a request for an antibiotic, an opioid pain medication, a scan or a hospital admission. 

Spike in mobile app use by clinicians & consumers fuels market

Anyway you look at it, healthcare providers are finding ways to use smartphones and mobile devices to enhance patient quality and care, and cut costs. 

Drugmakers say hospitals making money off drug pricing program

Drug manufacturers are accusing hospitals that get steep discounts through a federal drug-pricing program of pocketing the savings to buy-up clinics, pay more staff and fund other projects rather than using it for patient care. 

Lawmakers turn-up pressure on CMS to reform HRRP

Federal regulators are being squeezed by Washington lawmakers to fix an Obamacare program that they say may be unfair to low-income patients and the safety-net hospitals that serve them.

Hospitals finding ways to cope with growing shortage

Hospitals across the nation may be facing one of the most wide-reaching — and most expensive — drug shortages ever. What is it? 

Medicare pegs more than 700 hospitals for poor patient care

Over 750 hospitals nationwide face having their Medicare payments docked by 1% this fall for having the highest rates of infections in the nation. 

Coordinated care keeps frequent fliers from landing in ER

Emergency departments (ED) have become the family doctor of the chronically ill. 

Lawmakers to CMS: HRRP doing more harm than good for hospitals

A group of 34 lawmakers on Capitol Hill are urging the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to work with Congress to ensure the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) doesn’t harm hospitals that serve the poor.

Quality of U.S. healthcare system at rock bottom?

The U.S. came in dead last for the fifth year in a row when stacked up against other industrialized countries based on healthcare quality, efficiency and access to care.