Healthcare News & Insights

Where next generation of consumers is getting its health info

To keep up with the evolution of health care, leaders will need to understand how the next generation of consumers make health decisions — and a new study is giving providers some insight. 

Where ICD-10 may hit your finances hardest

Hospitals are already expecting the transition to ICD-10 to impact their revenue, but one area could be hit especially hard — emergency rooms.

What you should consider before joining an ACO

Before your facility links up with partners to join an accountable care organization (ACO), leaders need to consider several important factors — like if it’s really worth the effort.

Leading causes of ‘improvement fatigue’ — and what to do

Hospital leaders are feeling pressure to simultaneously improve different areas of their operations — but what can they do when the staff is fed up with all the improvements? 

What’s next in federal fraud enforcement?

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) both reinforced their commitment to rooting out fraud in 2015 — but what does that mean for your compliance programs? 

4 HIPAA compliance areas your BAs must check

It finally looks like the feds are starting up the next phase of HIPAA audits — but there’s still time to ensure your business associates (BAs) are staying compliant. 

How patient mentors can boost patient outcomes, satisfaction

Often, the toughest part of keeping patients healthy is helping them manage their symptoms between visits — more and more hospitals are using this method to do just that. 

Study says cyberattacks are on the rise — now what?

There’s another reason to worry about your data security — research shows cyberattacks have become the top cause of breaches. 

How online payments can improve patient collections

Patients are taking on more financial responsibility for their care — and hospitals will have to change how they collect payments if they want to maintain their bottom line. 

What hospitals can learn from HHS’ cybersecurity vulnerabilities

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Inspector General  (OIG) is passing on a data security lesson from a recent audit it conducted on the rest of the department.