Healthcare News & Insights

How mergers may affect care, competition and bottom lines

More providers and payors are considering mergers and acquisitions, consolidating operations to boost revenue and save costs. But could the trend actually lead to more trouble for hospitals and patients? 

New guidance sheds light on EHR security, vendor selection

These days, hospital leaders need to be worried about more than just their facilities’ cybersecurity. They also need to think about how securely their business associates (BAs) – particularly electronic health records (EHR) vendors – are storing patients’ personal data. 

Barriers to leveraging mHealth, telemedicine effectively

New health IT promises hospitals and providers a lot of benefits, but if they don’t understand the different barriers to implementing the technology, hospitals won’t see a solid return on investment. 

First-ever ‘reverse false claims’ lawsuit closes: Court says …

A high-profile False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit has finally come to a close — and the decision will set a higher bar for FCA compliance in the future. 

MacBooks and infusion pumps may be at risk for hacking

New cybersecurity threats continue to emerge in the healthcare industry — and now providers have to be careful about new cybersecurity risks in two commonly used devices. 

CMS: Most hospitals getting penalized, spending more

For yet another year, roughly half of the country’s hospitals will have their bottom lines hurt because they couldn’t prevent enough readmissions. 

2 strategies to cut down preventable admissions

Improving patient outcomes and avoiding unnecessary admissions could come down to a few simple steps. 

Can HIEs reduce unnecessary spending, preventable admissions?

How much have preventable admissions cost your organization? And is there any way to cut down on unnecessary spending? 

mHealth offers population health benefits — and pitfalls

Advances in mobile health technology are giving providers new tools to track patients’ symptoms and improve care — but experts warn mHealth comes with its own kind of pitfalls. 

How the 2016 Physician Fee Schedule will affect health IT

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has some big plans for providers that would change how they use health IT and earn incentives for cost and quality measures.