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Establishing and maintaining compliance with vendors to provide the best care

Working with vendors can be challenging. In this guest post, Larry Lacombe, VP of program development, support and FM compliance at a company specializing in facilities management, safety, environment of care, emergency management and compliance, tells you how to provide quality care while remaining compliant.

Big data & healthcare facilities management: What hospital c-suites need to know

Fixed assets, such as buildings, infrastructure and equipment, are often a hospital’s largest ones. The inventory, condition and reliability of these assets, however, remains elusive for many hospital executives. Capital investment planning is based on limited info, leading to an often inefficient allocation of scarce capital resources. Will these assets live up to their expected […] [MORE]

Chronic care management programs help address avoidable readmissions among Hispanic patients  

People with different ethnic backgrounds require different things from your facility and providers. Tailoring their care can make a big difference in their medical outcomes. In this guest post Mario Anglada, CEO of Hoy Health, details how other hospitals can reduce readmissions by adopting a chronic care management program designed specifically for Hispanic patients.

How to create alignment between hospital practices and RCM functions

It’s no secret that healthcare providers are consistently dealing with stress from reduced reimbursements and lowering margins. In this guest post, Shawn Yates, director of product management for a company that develops a variety of information systems, reveals how effective collection processes and use of insightful data can alleviate these potential issues.

Streamline transfers to reduce physician burnout and patient risk

For emergency room physicians, arranging a transfer of care for a patient in need can be extremely stressful – a stress they don’t need. In this guest post, Angie Franks, CEO and president of a company that provides transfer center technology that enables hospitals and health systems to more effectively manage patient transfers and optimize […] [MORE]

How evidence-based guidelines impact real-world care

Evidence-based care offers clinicians the most effective and efficient way to treat patients for the best outcome, however, not all physicians follow this route. In this guest post, Howard Willson, MD, MBA, senior VP of customer success at a company that provides evidence-based, clinical decision support system solutions, shows why evidenced-based care is the best […] [MORE]

Workplace violence: What hospital executives and administrators need to know

In today’s world, hospitals have to be prepared for anything and everything, and not just medical emergencies. They have to be prepared to handle all types of workplace violence, from active shooters to abuse from patients. In this guest post, Suzanne Singer, a lawyer who specializes in all aspects of labor and employment law and is a […] [MORE]

Are oncologists ready to adopt AI tools?

Healthcare technology is a growing field with much to offer in all aspects of patient care. In this guest post, Bruce Feinberg, DO, VP/CMO of an integrated healthcare services and products company, providing customized solutions for healthcare facilities, reveals the results of a recent study on oncologists and their attitudes toward artificial intelligence technology and […] [MORE]

How healthcare facilities can improve cybersecurity

The healthcare industry continues to be a favorite target of hackers. And the only way this will stop is for hospitals to take control of their technology. In this guest post, Keenan Skelly, VP of global partnerships and security evangelist at a market leader in next-generation cybersecurity readiness, offers a few ways facilities can strengthen […] [MORE]

Healthcare organizations need to do better with third-party risk management

Nowadays, hospital executives and administrators are always worried about data breaches. In this guest post, Dennis Keglovits, VP of a company that provides governance, risk management, and compliance and information security software, explains the risks of outsourcing and the importance of having an ongoing risk mitigation process in place.