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Increase workplace wellness to decrease workplace violence

What companies are doing today to protect employees from workplace violence isn’t enough because they aim to control the symptoms of workplace violence rather than address the underlying issues that contribute to it. In this guest post, Joy Stephenson-Laws, JD, founder of a national non-profit health information company that provides education and tools needed to […] [MORE]

Mobile technology can help protect hospital workers from violence

Healthcare providers do their best to provide quality care to patients in their hospitals. But their jobs come with certain risks. One risk most people don’t immediately think about, but is a very real possibility, is being attacked by patients or visitors. In this guest post, Rhonda Collins, MSN, RN, CNO of a provider of […] [MORE]

Partnering with the right vendors for your hospital

Hospitals that run smoothly provide some of the best care. And one way to operate a fluid facility is to work with the best vendors for your facility and patients. In this guest post, Jay Juffre, executive VP of operations and national service director for a provider of healthcare laundry services, gives key steps for […] [MORE]

Don’t get phished: 3 email security lessons for healthcare companies

Why do healthcare companies continue to get phished? Because it’s profitable. With a clever email or two, digital thieves can steal protected health information worth up to $1,000 per record on the dark web. Electronic health records are miniature gold mines, containing personal and health details, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers all in one place. In […] [MORE]

Strategies to improve HCAHPS scores in 2018

Healthcare facilities are being held to the same standards as the hospitality industry – where the patient experience is key. Since HCAHPS scores affect hospital reimbursements, excellent service remains at the forefront of patient care. Exemplary patient care equals financial stability and a good reputation for the hospital. In this guest post, Shari Dingle Costantini, […] [MORE]

When does it make sense to invest in medical technology not yet approved by the FDA?

For a variety of reasons, most hospitals are leery about investing in medical technology that hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). But in this guest post, Michael Garcia, RN, JD, senior VP of operations at a Houston hospital, will share the story of how his facility did just that.

Catch up with the digital age using 3 transitional healthcare strategies

The digital age is here. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is lagging behind. In this guest post, Shawn Yates, director of product management for a company that develops a variety of information systems for providers, reveals key transition strategy points hospitals need to consider as they move to update their digital presence.

Suicide in hospitals: Why ligature is 2018’s regulatory heavy hitter

Ranking among the top three sentinel events in The Joint Commission’s (TJC) database, healthcare leaders are increasingly placing emphasis on the assessment of suicide and self-harm, and prompting regulators to focus heavily on ligature risks. With much of research identifying suicide attempts as impulsive, reducing environmental risks and opportunities for self-harm is vital for curbing […] [MORE]

Why cloud will be health care’s hero in 2018

Cloud computing is here and thriving, and it will ultimately serve an integral role in health care’s digital transformation in the coming year and beyond. In this guest post, Shahzad Ahmad, VP of cloud operations & delivery for a global healthcare leader in identity management, offers six ways the cloud will benefit health care in […] [MORE]

How to promote accessibility in healthcare cybersecurity

The more accessible healthcare information is, the more value it provides to patients and providers alike. But much of this information is sensitive, privileged or regulated, making it highly vulnerable when traveling in and out of networks. In this guest post, David Wagner, president and CEO of an email security company, details how to promote […] [MORE]