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5 must-do’s for hospitals financially distressed by coronavirus

Even before the coronavirus, many U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems faced difficult financial straits for a variety of reasons, including tough market conditions, weak cash management practices and historically thin margins. 

Managing healthcare receivables amid COVID-19 challenges

Drive down the street in any city or town, and you’ll see signs honoring healthcare heroes for their brave work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. What you won’t see is the battle being waged behind the scenes at many hospitals against financial insolvency.

Healthcare construction management: Debunking myths 

In 2019, healthcare construction projects were globally worth about $400 billion, with $31.8 billion in U.S. projects alone. Healthcare construction encompasses a wide variety of projects, such as state-of-the-art hospitals, small research labs, mid-size specialty clinics, long-term care facilities and much more. No matter what your next healthcare construction project is, one thing’s for certain […] [MORE]

Unlock hidden revenue stream: Get top dollar for used equipment

Falling inpatient volumes, decreasing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, and rising wage inflation are putting pressure on health systems’ top and bottom lines. In response to an increasingly complex and competitive healthcare environment, hospital CFOs are under tremendous pressure to find new ways to rein in costs and improve revenue.

Harness risk management/patient safety software to reduce risk

On a typical day, many hospitals already operate at near or maximum capacity, but the coronavirus pandemic has pushed many to the brink. It’s a given that everyone in a healthcare system shares the goal of delivering high-quality care that’s free of incidents, but amid the escalating health concerns brought on by the pandemic, some […] [MORE]

Addressing coronavirus, behavioral health crisis and public health concerns

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States was already in the midst of a suicide and opioid epidemic. Suicides are the tenth overall leading cause of death with 48,344 fatalities in 2018. 

Recovering from the effects of the coronavirus with RTLS

The coronavirus hasn’t only had a devastating impact on the health of millions of people around the globe, but also on the financial security of thousands of U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems. As stay-at-home orders are lifted, healthcare leaders are beginning to embark on the challenge of safely integrating non-emergent care, elective procedures and routine […] [MORE]

How hospitals can prevent and respond to ransomware attacks

Ransomware attackers have focus on the healthcare industry as their target de jour. The attacks are hard to prevent and costly. In this guest post, Rick Clark, corporate security director for a provider of accounts receivable management and revenue recovery solutions for the healthcare industry, reveals how hospitals can protect themselves.

Health care isn’t going back to normal after pandemic

The coronavirus has turned our world upside down revealing holes in our healthcare system. In this guest post, Vladimir Ljubicic, MD, MBA, clinical lead in the global healthcare business unit at a software corporation that manages business operations and customer relations, explains why we can’t go back to business as usual and what we need […] [MORE]

Make remote work the new normal for healthcare call center agents

The coronavirus has made us adapt to a new normal – working from home. For hospital call centers, this presents a challenge. In this guest post, Shawn Yates, director of product management, health care for a company that develops a variety of information systems, reveals how modern software can track work from home agents, measure […] [MORE]