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Infectious disease outbreak: How hospitals can brace for impact

No matter what it is – coronavirus, flu, etc. – epidemics can strike at any time. Is your hospital ready? In this guest post, Scott Cormier, VP of emergency management, environment of care and safety at Medxcel, explains how you can keep your facility safe by preparing now.

Case study: Turnkey IT solution for mammography provider lowers costs, drives growth

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, impacting 2.1 million women each year, according to the World Health Organization. Breast cancer rates are steadily increasing in nearly every region globally, making screening and diagnostic services ever more vital to early diagnosis and treatment. New mammography screening facilities offering the latest state-of-the-art technology are […] [MORE]

The power of data: How standards can transform healthcare delivery

Offering high-quality medical care as affordably and efficiently as possible is a tremendous balancing act for healthcare providers. In this guest post, Angela Fernandez, VP of Community Engagement at an information standards organization, explains how operational excellence supported by advanced, system-wide data management is a linchpin to optimizing efficiencies while maintaining a primary focus on […] [MORE]

NLP: The key that unlocks improvements to patient safety and quality

As healthcare’s challenges with unstructured data continue to grow, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly turning to natural language processing (NLP) technology to surface actionable insights that drive improvements to patient safety and quality of care. In this guest post, Elizabeth Marshall, MD, MBA, director of clinical analytics at a provider of text mining systems through software […] [MORE]

Using Internet of Things data to reduce fall risk

While falls are common in hospitals, they don’t have to be and they shouldn’t be. Reason: They’re preventable. In this guest post, Chris Herman, MD, PhD, MS, BS, founder and CEO of Clean Hands-Safe Hands, explains why patients fall and what the Internet of Things (IoT) can do to help prevent falls.

Major capital decision? Consider applying a customized tool

When faced with a capital project, hospital executives must decide if an existing software will do the job or if they need to customize one for their needs. In this guest post, Josh Nathan, a consultant for a California-based healthcare management consulting firm, offers five key factors to consider when developing a customized tool for […] [MORE]

Improving patient safety through an effective harm index

Keeping patients safe while making them better is every hospital’s goal. But things happen, right? Maybe, but in this guest post, Rosemary Baczewski, RN, MA, LSSMBB, chief clinical officer at Greater Hudson Valley Health System, details how GHVHS is working toward its goal of zero harms.

Improving prescription abandonment with the right information at the right time

Prescriptions are just one part of improving patients’ health. In this guest post G. Cameron Deemer, president of a technology company that connects people at patient care touchpoints, shows how patient engagement can reduce prescription abandonment.

HIPAA Compliance in the age of mobile messaging

Mobile messaging offers the healthcare industry a simple and cost-effective way to communicate ePHI, but it also introduces a variety of security risks. In this guest post, Ian Reither, COO of a company that provides a cloud-based platform that offers access to carrier grade voice services over the internet, identifies what those risks are and […] [MORE]

Why EHRs aggravate physician burnout and need to fundamentally change

Physician burnout’s a big issue in health care. And one of the leading contributors to burnout is electronic health records. In this guest post, Caesar Djavaherian, MD, co-founder of a modern, tech-enabled healthcare provider designed to put patient-care first, explains how to lower burnout rates through technology.