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3 challenges medical financial aid platforms can overcome

The financial impact of the pandemic on hospitals has been enormous. Patients can’t pay their high medical COVID-19 bills and hospitals don’t get paid for their care and treatment they provided. In this guest post, Ethan Davidoff, founder & CEO of a company that helps providers and payers leverage medical financial aid programs so vulnerable patients […] [MORE]

MDR is essential to reducing COVID-19 cybersecurity risk

Among the many new vulnerabilities exposed by the global pandemic, none is more troublesome to healthcare IT than cybersecurity. Today, everything from insurance and personal information to intellectual property rights are at risk of criminal intrusion.

Patient safety risks: How advance analytics & AI can drive improvements

As healthcare leaders and frontline responders continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re facing new challenges to keep patients safe. And with people constantly seeking testing and treatment for the virus, in addition to their current care plans, the system is placing a heavier than normal strain on its resources.

Why social engineering attacks are decimating healthcare cybersecurity defenses

Data breaches are – to put it mildly – bad for business. And it’s no wonder that companies around the world from enterprises to start-ups have increased their investments in cybersecurity over the past decade. That’s because it’s much less expensive to prevent cyberattacks than it is to repair the damages after they occur. From […] [MORE]

Virtualizing clinical trials: Why digitization, connectivity are more important than ever

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, every industry is working to pivot and adapt. In many respects, an effective vaccine will mean a return to business as usual. In health care and life sciences, it will not, nor should it. 

Surprising truth about hand hygiene during COVID-19

Proper hand hygiene has never been discussed more than it is today. Hospitals are working harder than ever to keep patients safe, even while their providers jeopardize their own health. One might expect that raised awareness due to the pandemic would lead to improvements in hand hygiene, but a recent study reveals without intervention, hand […] [MORE]

Cloud-based and virtual lessons learned from COVID-19 storm

Looking back to early January, there was no understanding of the storm about to hit the U.S. healthcare system, nor its devastating impacts. It would test hospitals, emergency clinics, frontline workers and the American public like never before – especially in terms of clinical and economic supply and demand. 

Real-time experience management provides insights needed during COVID-19

Even prior to COVID-19, patients, and the providers who cared for them, exhibited signs of trauma. In fact, according to consulting firm Prophet, 81% of patients indicated they were dissatisfied with their healthcare experiences. At the same time, more than half of the country’s physicians and nurses showed significant burnout symptoms, emphasizing how patients and […] [MORE]

Maximize the adoption of cloud analytics to maximize return on investment

Healthcare professionals have always relied on information to help them make the best decisions and recommendations for their patients. As the data revolution accelerates, practitioners need as much informed data as possible to continue improving patient care. The frontline medical devices they use each day generate tons of data, but that’s only useful when that […] [MORE]

Shifting healthcare pay model to prioritize essential workers

From the essential health workers tasked with treating patients while adhering to intense health and safety guidelines, to the back-office employees that must keep the system running remotely, the entire healthcare industry has reinvented itself in just a few short months.