Healthcare News & Insights

EHRs lead docs to request more expensive tests

One of the big benefits of electronic health records is that they save money in the long-term. Except that they may not.

Record damages in PA’s harassment case: $168M

A physician’s assistant has been granted a record-setting award for her claims of sexual harassment and other abuse at the hands of her former employer.

Doc tells woman her 24-pound tumor is a pregnancy

One of the many benefits of using ultrasound: It helps doctors tell the difference between a fetus and cancer.

Knee replacements turn into lifesaving surgery for some

Knee replacement surgery has obvious benefits to patients’ mobility — but many are finding other surprising benefits.

Oops! Turns out the appendix is important after all

Conventional wisdom says that the appendix doesn’t do much and won’t be missed after removal. But new research indicates the medical community might need to rethink that stance.

Hospital accuses own COO of stealing patient data

A hospital is suing its former COO, alleging that she stole patient records and other private data to share with her new employer.

Why these 3 specialists are most likely to generate surprise medical bills

Surprise medical bills are never welcome. New research shows they’re more likely to arise from visits to physicians in one of these three specialties.

Statins to get new warning labels about diabetes risk

Several popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are about to get updated warning labels that may scare off some patients.

Nurse faces death penalty: Did she inject patients with bleach?

A nurse is accused of killing five of her patients by injecting bleach into their dialysis tubes.

Survey finds more surgeons are abusing alcohol

A new study offers a disturbing glimpse into how many surgeons are abusing alcohol — and the effects that may have on their patients.