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Are you ready for the next hiring challenge?


Despite the scary headlines about the rising number of Americans who are out of work, health care execs may have some difficulty filling certain positions in the next few years.

With more organizations implementing EHRs — and billions in federal economic stimulus floating around to help them do so — most experts expect tens of thousands of health care IT jobs to open up nationwide.

But no one is quite sure where those highly skilled workers are going to come from.

Hospitals are already running short-handed when it comes to IT. One out of four hospitals says it is understaffed in terms of employees and/or expertise, according to a recent survey by the American Hospital Association.

Dip into other industries’ talent pool

To fill those slots, most hospitals are going to face two potential challenges: A lack of bodies already in the health care sphere, and expectations of rising salaries as qualified people see the difference between supply and demand.

The good news is both challenges are relatively easily met.

The overall poor job market means that many IT pros may welcome the relative stability of health care. That should ease some of the recruiting pressure as the carrot of job security may offset some potential hires’ willingness to ask for higher salaries.

What will be more difficult is getting them up to speed on the various compliance issues, jargon and ethical issues that are unique to the medical field.

Organizations that end up hiring a significant number of folks without a health care background will want to spend some time making sure that they have some process in place, whether it’s a formal training session or an internal mentor, to help those new staffers absorb this new information.

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