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After Obama win, will health IT efforts continue as planned?

Obama’s re-election may have staved off some big challenges to the federal government’s health IT plans and could give providers some clarity on what to expect moving forward. 

The election’s results mean government agencies can move forward with programs to help improve health care through the use of technology, said National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari the morning after the election.

Obama’s four additional years in the White House give the government “the chance to continue to make strides, continue the essential thrust of the policies and the approaches,” Mostashari said in a November 7 meeting of the Health IT Policy Committee.

There were some concerns that a transfer of power in the White House could create big changes in the push for EHR adoption and other health IT initiatives. The possibility came to light especially in recent weeks after several Republican senators wrote a letter asking the Department of Health and Human Services to pause the EHR incentive program until it could be improved.

While it wasn’t clear if a Romney administrative could or would have tried to change or shut down the program, the call did highlight the opposition to many of the federal government’s health IT initiatives from one side of the aisle.

However, some observers have pointed out, federal IT health efforts are still likely to continue to come under tough scrutiny, especially from Republicans in both houses of Congress.

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