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healthcare news healthcare businessWelcome to HealthExecNews. Our mission is to be your #1 source for healthcare management information, healthcare news and healthcare business news. At HealthExecNews, we believe in lifelong learning and the idea that informed leaders are more effective leaders. Our hope is that through the resources we provide on this site, you’ll be in a position to do your job more effectively and ultimately to have a significant impact on the performance of your healthcare organization. Here is a guide to the areas we cover.

Healthcare News

At HealthExecNews, we’re passionate about digging into the day’s healthcare news and figuring out what it means for modern healthcare managers and leaders. You won’t find us recycling the latest headlines; instead, we look for the important stories that illustrate potential takeaways for our readers.

Health Care Reform

In addition to providing management guides to important concepts and trends in health care reform, we’re scouring our sources to bring you examples of how Healthcare business is being impacted, along with what healthcare management can to do navigate the changes and lead their organizations in this time of change.


HIPAA continues to be a focus for healthcare executives and managers. Concerns over HIPAA privacy, HIPAA security, and avoiding HIPAA violations are major agenda items and require vigilance not only among leaders but those at all levels of healthcare businesses.

Healthcare Administration and Healthcare Management

Healthcare administrators play an important role in organizing the financing and delivery of care and assisting in the management of health facilities throughout the medical industry.  Our section on Healthcare Administration examines the role and importance of healthcare management as well as reviews and rankings of healthcare administration degree programs.

Medical Billing

Our section on Medical Billing examines how to avoid medical billing errors and how to go about outsourcing medical billing.

Medical Coding

It’s an essential function of any healthcare providing organization. Medical coding takes the descriptions of diseases, injuries, and health care procedures from physicians or health care providers and transforms them into numeric or alphanumeric codes to accurately describe the diagnosis and the procedures involved. Our section on Medical Coding explains types of medical codes, advice on choosing a medical coding provider, and more.

Accountable Care Organizations

This section examines the state of Accountable Care Organizations, the movement designed to promote integrated, efficient, and quality care for patients. Major sections include ACO and Healthcare Reform, Patient and Privacy Concerns, and more.

Medical Technology

Our editors review and rank the latest medical technology, including developments in EMR software, medical displays, cloud computing, healthcare IT security, and more.