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5 reasons your best IT employees want new jobs

Despite a rough job market in other areas, a lot of organizations are trying to hire IT employees right now. That’s especially true in the health industry, and healthcare organizations may have a tough time finding and keeping qualified tech workers. 

Across all industries, 40% of IT professionals say they’re currently looking for a new job, according to a recent survey from InformationWeek. And those who work in health care or wish to move into that industry may have the greatest opportunities to land new positions, as the shift toward electronic medical records (EHRs) and other health IT initiatives is creating a big need for IT employees.

But there is some good news for organizations that need to keep their best tech staffers from leaving for other positions: Just 8% of the IT pros surveyed by InformationWeek said they’re actively trying to leave their current jobs, and the rest are just casually looking and would accept a change if the right opportunity came along.

That means that, with a few small steps, healthcare organizations will have good shot at retaining their top IT talent.

The key is understanding what those employees value the most in their jobs. These are the things that IT professionals say matter to them:

1. Salary

No surprise here: When asked why they were interested in getting a new job, 70% of those who are looking cited higher pay as one of their top reasons. It’s not the only thing that matters — in fact, more than half of respondents said they’d take a lower paying position if it meant higher job satisfaction — but if organizations fall behind the competitive rate of pay, it will be tough to hang on to anyone. Now might be a good time to review compensation practices and compare them to other organizations in your area.

2. Interesting work

After salary, a desire for more interesting job duties was the biggest reason IT pros had for starting their job search, cited by 40% of those who are looking. Managers can help by identifying their top performers and making sure those people are given priority when it comes to assigning tasks in new and exciting areas.

3. Skills growth

Similarly, IT professionals also value the chance to expand their skill sets and work in emerging areas. In a recent survey by ComputerWorld, 93% of IT pros said they’re stressed out about being able to keep their skills up-to-date. Organizations can give IT workers a valuable benefit by offering new training and giving people a chance to work with new technology.

4. Stability and security

When asked when mattered most to them about their jobs, IT pros ranked stability second (behind pay), according to the InformationWeek survey. Job security has been hard to come by in recent years, especially for IT employees. Many people have been worried about their own jobs as well as the future of their employers. Management can help ease those fears by sharing information about the organization and being more open about potential future promotion opportunities.

5. Smaller, low-cost benefits

Those are the main things that IT pros value in their jobs, but the survey also reveals that the little things can also add up and have a big impact on whether an employee stays or goes. Some of the low- or no-cost benefits IT employees listed as being important to them:

  1. Flexible schedules
  2. Vacation time
  3. Telecommuting, and
  4. Recognition for doing good work.

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