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101 patients file suit against doc, hospital for unnecessary stents

A doctor stands accused of performing unneeded, invasive heart procedures on patients — and now the patients are fighting back.

Dr. Mark G. Midei, a former cardiologist with St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland, was accused last year of performing at least 300 stent procedures when patients had only minor blockages requiring intervention. In some cases, patients had no blockages at all. Midei lost his privileges at St. Joseph’s, but he maintains he’s innocent of the charges.

An analysis of medical records by the Baltimore Sun found that St. Joseph’s had a disproportionate number of stent procedures performed.

Now, patients are suing for damages, claiming they received poor care, were put at undue risk of complications from the procedures and suffered mental and emotional distress after being misled about the seriousness of their heart conditions.

This week, 101 patients filed suit against both Midei and the hospital, claiming conspiracy, negligence and fraud. The suit was filed after settlement talks broke down over the issue of how much patients should receive in compensation. Midei also faces a number of individual lawsuits from other patients, as well.

The legal storm could spread to other hospitals and physicians in the area. Investigators said two other hospitals also had abnormally high rates of stent procedures being performed — and one so-far-unnamed hospital is under investigation. Federal officials said a third hospital may also be subject to investigation soon.

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