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10,000 health IT employees needed in Texas alone by next year

We’ve reported recently on the expected job growth caused by the expanded use of health IT. Here’s more evidence about exactly how many new jobs there will be for health IT professionals: 

The state of Texas alone will need an additional 10,000 health IT workers by 2013, according to a recent report by the Department of Health Information Management at Texas State University-San Marcos.

Authorities in Texas had previously reported that 3,500 new employees would be needed to meet the state’s goal of implementing and effectively using electronic health records (EHRs). However, the new report, based on interviews with 94 health IT employers about their staffing levels, says 9,500 health IT employees will be needed for healthcare providers, plus another 500 for EHR vendors and consultants.

Organizations in the poll said they will need employees with experience in privacy and security, project management, data management, data mining and data analytics. More than half of respondents said they’d need to hire new staff (31%) or train existing employees (26%) in data management.

Of course, those needs mean there’s a lot of competition for health IT employees, not just in Texas, but all over. The majority (76%) of respondents reported difficulty getting access to quality candidates, and 71% reported a lot of turnover among health IT employees.

To recruit more health IT professionals in this environment, researchers recommend providers, educational institutions and other stakeholders cooperate to create career development programs to boost the size of the health IT workforce.

To read more, download the report here.

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